Nelson Alves was born in Boulogne Billancourt in 1983 and graduated from Strate College, in France.
Whilst a student, he worked with several interior architects in Bangkok Ko Phi Phi where he acquired a valuable professional experience.
Maxence Boisseau was born in Laval in 1982 and graduated from the School of Design in Nantes after training in industrial mechanic engineering.
Avid decoration and furniture fans, they started their own agency : "Studio At once" in 2008 to give free rein to their creativity and imagination.
They designed for Airborne the “Miss Trèfle©” tables in 2015, the “Imapla©” collection in 2017 and finely the “Pastille©” collection in 2018. The “Miss Trèfle©” and “Impala©” are now part of the French National Museum of Furniture (Le Mobilier National ).




The French designer, Hervé Langlais, born in Caen in 1964, studied at the Normandy School of Architecture.
Whilst working with Paul Andreu for over 15 years, he took part in the construction of the Beijing China National Theater, the Shanghai Oriental Art Center and many more projects in France and abroad.
In 2006, he became the “Le Labo design” artistic director and successfully used metallic plates and chain mail in his designs. Around that time, he approached Airborne with the idea of a chain mail cover for the AA© chair: this model is highly appreciated for its both rough and sophisticated look. The consensus is unanimous: it is a unique chair which combines industrial haute couture and design.
In 2012, he became the “Negropontes Gallery” artistic director. He designs collections of unique and collectible objects and furniture in the purest French tradition of Decorative Arts. He also works for CVL, Design-Heure, Drugeot LABO and D’Argentat.



A young designer from Bordeaux, Maxime Lis has devoted his life to design. Confident that the right shape and design were the result of various technical processes, he carried out many assignments in several factories becoming
more and more knowledgeable, up to date and efficient in the industrial world.
He managed to break loose from the traditional ways and created new cross-functional processes often based on the very elementary
approach of intended usage. Rational and restrictive process of production for each object,
proactive and alternative solutions are high on his agenda.
For him, production rationalisation does not lower the ergonomics or quality of the product.

« CORALIE PREVERT » is a brand born in 2014 in Florence( Italy) and registered in 2016 in Paris.

It is a world of printed fabrics starting with silk scarves,  evolving towards kimonos and now upholstery fabric.

It is a precious graphic realm, contemporary and colourful, using the Italian printers’ knowhow with whom Coralie Prévert works in close collaboration.

It is there that roots and travels, harmonies and eccentricities, shapes and words meet.

She loves the decorative arts, the architecture of the thirties, the XIXth century avant-garde, the design of the fifties.   

And so, quite naturally, Airborne took an interest in her work and chose her unique style to upholster its new “Impala” chair and armchair collection, designed by “AT Once Studio”.